Launching my first start-up

Today I finally launch! This is my experience from 5 months ago till now.

I announced almost 5 months ago that I want to launch 12 startups in 12 months. Now, 5 months later, I’m launching the first.

For the past few months, I’ve been mulling over whether I should adjust my goals and whether I am too ambitious. But I don’t want to give in to that just yet. I just decided to move my goal of releasing 12 startups in 12 months, so the start is now!

I have been reflecting a lot from the start (the moment I packed my things in the Netherlands and left everything behind). I also did that just before departure, when I still had my permanent job and my home in the Netherlands.

I kept a record of everything I did in my calendar. I described my feeling at the end of the week, reflecting on the last 7 days, going from week to week. Continuous evaluation.

Strangely enough, keeping my calendar was very easy. I think Apple’s Calendar app works great, both on my iPhone and on my Macbook.

But reflecting was time consuming. Open my calendar every time and add everything together. And that of every event in my calendar. But the results are very important to me: a clear overview of how I organize my life. This makes me very self-conscious.

Subsequently, during my trip in Spain, in addition to the projects that I take on myself (on behalf of Varchar), I also started freelancing 1 day a week. I kept track of my hours, again in my calendar. A new month arrived, and it was time to send an invoice for the work. Again, I took out my calendar and started adding everything up. Time consuming and error prone.

The startup I’m launching this month is based on the issues I had while reflecting and sending the invoice. The app provides insights into your calendar. Your lifestyle, your good and bad habits, your freelance work, or other time registrations that are important to you. Immediately visible.

The app “Segro”, derived from “Self Growth”, is currently only available for Apple/iOS.

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