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About me

Justin Fransen Founder

I started a journey to make my ideas come to life to fulfil my desires. I want to help others to do the same. I develop mobile applications and I want to combine my experience & skills, our knowledge and any idea to fulfil its potential.

I want to collaborate with like minded people who dare to dream bigger. Those who are driven by desire & ambition. People who are obsessively willing to change.

Let's team up!

Team up!
Justin Fransen profile picture

Discover the latest apps & get early access

To develop mobile applications, feedback from early testing is essential. Join my testing program to help people build their dream and be an early contributor to their success by sharing your feedback. Discover the latest apps & get early access. Your feedback is highly valuable for transitioning an idea to app!


Do you want to go from idea to app, develop a mobile application, want to further develop an app idea or do you want an MVP for your startup?

You will need to create an MVP to validate your assumptions. I am experienced with this process. Feel free to contact me!

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The Netherlands
KVK: 72153873
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